It takes a team to provide the best treatment for a pet in need of emergency and specialty medical care

Pacific & Santa Cruz Veterinary Specialists opened it’s doors on January 15th, 1999. It was initially founded by 5 local veterinary specialists who wanted to create an environment that delivered the highest level of medical expertise and care for animal companions, while maintaining a small personalized hospital culture that provided a sincere and comfortable experience for the client. Our staff of doctors has grown since then to include 10 board-certified specialists and four experienced emergency doctors.

Due to the nature of specialty and emergency medicine, the requirements for operating a successful hospital are many. PSCVS offers comprehensive specialized services including fiber-optic bronchoscopy and endoscopy, cystoscopy, laparoscopy, Doppler ultrasound, surgery, 24 hour ICU care and emergency services. The hospital is staffed to provide specialty medicine during the weekdays and emergency and critical care in ICU nights, weekends, and holidays. In addition to the board certified specialists available, the veterinarians staffing the emergency service have post doctoral internship training and extensive “hands on” experience.

  • Colleen Brady, DVM, DACVECC
  • Jonathan Schaefer, DVM,DACVECC
  • Kelly Akol, DVM, DACVIM (SAIM)
  • Merrianne Burtch, DVM, DACVIM (SAIM)
  • Michelle Pressel, DVM, DACVIM (SAIM)
  • Amy Clare Kraje, DVM, DACVIM (SAIM)
  • Jay Stone, DVM
  • Sessaly Reich, MS,DVM,DACVIM
  • Larry Kerr, DVM, DACVR
  • Mark Lee, DVM, DACVR
  • Eric Garcia, DVM, DACVR
  • Christian Robison, DVM
  • Mark Saphir, DVM
  • Jessica Kurek, DVM
  • Sara Heidelberger, DVM
  • Alexander Nicki, DVM
  • Jessica Gillette, DVM
  • Carolyn Dunn, DVM
  • Curtis Martin, DVM
  • Natalie Albright, DVM
  • Nicholas Macy, DVM, DACVS
  • Thomas LaHue, DVM, DACVS
  • Melissa Arbaugh, DVM, MS, DACVS
  • Stephen Kalff, BVSc, MANZCVS, DSAS, MRCVS