Support Staff


The nursing staff at PSCVS has over 150 years of combined experience! The majority of our nurses are registered veterinary technicians (RVTs). This means that they have attended two to four years of school and intensive training in veterinary nursing and have passed rigorous state boards to become licensed. Our nurses work very closely with the doctors in providing exemplary care for their patients.

Our ICU is staffed around the clock by our highly trained nurses who have extensive experience in treating and caring for our hospitalized patients with skill and gentle compassion. Meticulous patient monitoring and treatment ensures the best possible care for our patients. Our ICU nurses are an essential component of care for our sickest patients.

The surgery nursing staff excels at critical patient anesthesia. Besides caring for our patients when they are most vulnerable, they take comprehensive care of a pet from initial assessment until full recovery using a wide range of different anesthesia and analgesia modalities.


Our reception staff at PSCVS has many years of experience in specialty and emergency veterinary practice and is dedicated to ensuring that you and your pet have a positive and efficient experience with us. The receptionists are committed to acting as a conduit between you and your doctor, and to facilitate communication between you during the entire course of your relationship with us. The reception staff is devoted to client care, so that our veterinary and nursing staff may more effectively devote themselves to patient care.