Testimonials and Memorials

Dear Staff,
As said, my life has changed forever, as my much loved companion, Tobie Ann collapsed at the beach near the Crows Nest Restaurant on August 27th. With much gratitude, I was helped by a complete stranger named Marcie, as well as numerous employees of the Crows Nest Restaurant. Tobie is a large German Shep/Rottweiler mix – 11.5 years old. The workers were able to life Tobie Ann in a tablecloth onto a wheelchair, and get her to my car, the stranger, Marcie, left her bike and rode with me and directed me to your facility, which I will be forever grateful. As I relive this nightmare, I can thank God for being assisted by Doctor Christian Robison. When I arrived, several nurses/assistants lifted Tobie Ann out of the car and onto a gurney, she was placed in ICU and within a short while, Dr. Robison had already assessed and advised that Tobie Ann had fluid around her heart and chest cavity. He removed this fluid from her chest, however found numerous medical issues, inclusive of a tumor, on her little heart. She was the one dog in your lifetime that has a heart of gold, and was my true companion at a time in my life that she was needed. She will be forever, that ONE dog that made my life better. Doctor Robison allowed me to sit with her on the floor in ICU, as well as allowed the time for my adult children/spouses to make it over the hill from Milpitas to visit with her. With communication from Dr. Robison to Dr. Saphir, I felt comfortable leaving her in your hands for the night, when I returned in the morning, it was more clear that Tobie Ann could be patched up, but that her life could be cut short suddenly the next night, up to only two months maximum. Because I did not want Tobie Ann to die alone at home, frightened, scared and looking for me while I was working, I made the hardest decision in my life. Dr. Robison explained the medical portion to me very clearly and concise, and with much compassion to the emotional part of this. To summarize, I was hysterical. Dr. Robison was genuinely concerned. When the time came, her “daddy” was also in the room with us. I laid on the floor with my Tobie Ann, held her head and just as Dr. Robison explained, she laid her head down, in my arms, and then went to sleep. Very peacefully. I called him the following day, asking that if Tobie Ann was still there, if I could have a lock of her hair. I want to thank Dr. Robison for the personally sympathy card sent to our family, as well as the perspective he gave to me over the phone. I could not get the horrible image of her collapsing on the beach, nor her in the ICU. He shared with me to look at it from her perspective…… She got to spend the day…. At the beach… With me…. I weep as I type this, but I feel a  bit better now that I have picked up Tobie Ann’s ashes/lock of hair from you. She loved her name, and it was written so elegantly on her nameplate. I am not sure if I could ever get another dog, but if I do, I will make the trip over the hill to your facility, to have your staff and doctors care for my animal. You truly offered me something that I will never forget. I was always that on person that helped others, but never got help in return. This all changed the day Marcie brought me and my beloved Tobie Ann to you.

With much respect, Cheryl Anido

Dear Doctors Kurek, Pressel and Garcia,
I don’t think I have the words to express my deep gratitude for all that you did for my dear boy Sam. He struggled so hard from the very day that he fell into Addisonian Crisis, and while he and I tried mightily to bring him back to being a healthy and thriving dog, we were simply not able to do it. Your wisdom and treatment of Sam during his last two crises were wonderful, effective, and loving. But it seemed that his illness and other problems were so difficult that none of us could keep up with his steep decline. While deeply saddened, I am comforted in that I can report that Same went very peacefully, more so than any dog that I have had to send up above. I could see in his eyes that he was ready and wanted to go. He simply closed his eyes, took one last calming breath and went on to his next journey. If it had not been for all of your care over these past two weeks, he would not have had the ability to be in such peace and acceptance. I thank you deeply for that. I enclose a photo of Sam in his prime so that you can see how truly beautiful this man was. So much so, that he would literally stop traffic in Santa Cruz as people marveled at this regal and stout dog. Never did a day go by without somebody stopping me and asking about Sam and saying he was the most beautiful dog they had ever seen. I close with my deepest love and gratitude for what you have done for Sam and for me, and my honor and inspiration for the truly amazing work you fo for the worlds most lovely and vulnerable living beings.

My deepest thanks, Taylor Dial

Dear Doctors and all staff,
I received a nice card from Teri today re: Latka and I would like to thank you for that. It was very kind. I am sure you hear from many clients how special their pets are or have been to them. I must join this group and tell you what im sure you all know. Latka was very special to me and therefore I want to express my great appreciation for all of you and the great and loving care you gave to my best friend. It meant so much to me. I was often told be most or all for you to call anytime if there was anything more you could do for me or if I had questions. This meant a lot to me as well. I always felt that Latke was in good hands with each of you. I do wish I could have stuck with the cancer treatments a little longer but I couild no twatch him suffer any longer. I tried to balance what I could or couldn’t stand with what was best for Latka. That last day he turned a corner that I thought he would not come back from and I wanted him to be able to walk into the clinic and go out proud. When Latka was five years old he had his heart procedure and I was told he could drop at any time or he oculd live a long full life. That put me in the frame of mind to enjoy every day I had with him, and I did. I am so grateful that he made it to 11.

Conrad Goeringer

Dear Dr. Brady & Staff,
Please accept our sincerest thanks for the extraordinary effort your and your staff undertook yesterday on behalf of our dog, Maxine. She was a wonderful pet, a close-knit member of our family, but she was also in pain and suffering from several serious illnesses. The compassion shown by your and your staff throughout this process, not to mention your professionalism, has given us comfort in these first few days of trying to adjust to Max’s loss.

Thank you, again, for helping, Kathleen Ratchlee – BK Faunce

Dear Staff,
We wanted to thank you for all the wonderful care you have our sweet Alley. You all were always so sweet and loving with her, we appreciate all you did to help her. She always had a “tail wag” for all of you.

Sincerely, The Schirmer Family

Dear Dr. Fitch, Dr. Brooke Jensen, and entire staff,

This is the hardest thank you I have ever written hence the lapse in time. Carpe diem is the phrase her 1st doggie doctor used to express her enthusiasm for life, when I rescued her at 7 months old. I am such a lucky mom. Thank you: Dr. Brady for your patience and expertise at our first visit; Dr. Metelman… down on the floor with us assessing her x-rays and tests recognizing how tough she was in spite of her condition…. Leaning against the wall to rest. And Dr. Chris Robison, sharing your emotions from beginning to… putting her little soul to peace. Just a little dog to the world but my heart is broken. Your people make your facility a god-send to moms like me.

Thank you all, Marsha, Nikki n’ Ebby

Dear Dr. Robison & Co,
Thank you so much for everything you did for my cat Minnie and her injured leg. I truly appreciate all the attention, care, time, and interest you showed my girl. Everyone was so professional and welcoming and for a reasonable cost. She is doing better… has made it to her litter boz and is able to stand on her legs… purs all the time.

Best regards, Nancy Parker

Dear Everyone!
Thank you for taking such wonderful care of our Ollie Guy Holland and for your very thoughtful follow-up calls to see how he was doing!!

With love and peace, Tom, Sandi & Ollie

From Sharon Lacy… Jerry’s adopted mom.
I will miss him, but thanks to you his last two days were spent in your wonderful care! Im grateful for having him with me for one last afternoon and night. To all the staff at Pacific Veterinary Specialists! Special thanks to Dr. Kleman & Dr. Good & special, special thanks to Dr. Saphir.

To Everyone at “PVS” that took such care with Bonny, Kim & Me. From the receptionists who provided us with cookies and coffee. To the veterinary specialists who helped Bonny and tried very much to save her. She gave me 10 years, 7 months and 15 days of such love and devotion. Bonny was my rock – she took care of me after my son and husband died. Bonny was an extraordinary giant schnauzer. Some of her early years are on the Leidenschaft Kennels website. I am devastated – I will miss her forever. Thank Dr. Pressel for recommending the book “Saying Goodbyes to the Pet You Love”. It’s helping a little. I know you will all continue caring for all animals.

You are all in my heart. Sandra O’Brien

Dr Bumpus,
I appreciate all of the kindness and care you and everyone showed to Mark. Thank youi for being such caring and wonderful people.

Kevin, Renee & Jasmin Larson

To the staff of Pacific Veterinary Specialists,
My heart still aches, however I wish to thank each of you for the kind support and medical attention you gave my faithful love and companion. Lashi, also thank you for your kind assistance you provided to my daughter and son in law – Lisa and Stuart Dunsmore – when they brought Lashi to you.

Thank you again. Sally Cu Halstead – Harech

Dr. Pressel & entire PVS staff,
I truly appreciate all the love you gave both of my girls!

Sincerely, Beth

Dear Dr. Burtch and staff,
Thank you for your love of Wrisley and making this super difficult time a little easier. You are all wonderful at what can be a very difficult profession!

The McCalull Family

Dr. Pressel & Staff,
Please accept my apologies for being so tardy at thanking you, each and every one – for the flowers (stayed in the hospital room with me) and the lovely card. Luke is missed every day…… David and I both want to extend our greatest thanks to you and staff for the tender care he received – he was so special to us. Thank you for everything. P.S. Melanie, you are special.

Dear Dr. Burtch, Melissa, and staff,
Thank you so very much for the very caring sympathy note concerning the very sad loss of our Ally… Yes, she was a very precious dog and battled all her aliments so bravely. She was a real “trouper” through it all. I was truly blessed with her for my first dog. I will never get over her. Dick and I had a very nice vet/surgeon come to our home to put her down. He was amazing at how much we had done for her. Her last three days she just couldn’t stop the coughing and seemed to be struggling more for air. Nothing I did seem to bring her relief so I decided that I couldn’t push her anymore. I held her until she was gone and we buried her under four oak trees in Paso Robles in a special box I had made for her. Boy, Dr. Burtch that was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for all of your help and information and caring of Ally. You gave me at least another two years with her which I cherish. Melissa and your entire staff were and is a great combination of caring people. I will never be able to thank you enough for all that you did. It was a please for us to meet you.

Thank you, Kim & Dick Morton

To the staff of Pacific Veterinary & Emergency,
You all have provided my pets with such excellent care since you opened years ago. I want to thank you all for giving that care to Bugs, whose struggle with lymphoma ended last week. Dr. Pressel and sometimes, Dr. Burtch, guided her through her treatment, aided by Raquel and Melissa, giving her the best therapy and support she could have had. The receptionists have been so kind and friendly, fielding my calls and greeting us so warmly at our visits. On last Saturday, Shyla was so helpful when I called, and Dr. Brady reviewed Bugs chart to be able to advice me. I knew Bugs needed to be seen as soon as possible because she was so sick, and Dr. Robison, assisted by Nick, and provided us with expeditious and sensitively administered care for Bugs, making the decision so much clearer for me. I know she was really deteriorating and having his evaluation confirmed my instincts that it was time to ease her out of a bad situation. Nick and Dr. Robison both shared our sadness and were so gentle with Bugs. I am so grateful to all of you and want to let you know what good work you do, for the animals you see and also for their people. Thank you so much.

From Pal’s Garden –
With loving thanks to Dr. Burtch, Dr. Kurek, Sarah, Jess, and all the truly extraordinary staff of Pacific Vet Services.

Love always, Pal, Karen & Curt

To all persons who had contact with my Rune and Betty, I highly commend you for your caring for these very special cats in my life. You showed kindness when I telephoned or came to the office and I really appreciate the gentleness conveyed as you provided service to them when they were ill. Thank you so much for being a very caring staff and special thanks to Marci, Linda, Kate, Rachel, Dr. Brady, and Dr. Pressel whom we saw and talked with the most frequently.

Always, Catherine Ellis

Dear Dr. Pressel and the entire staff at Pacific,
It was with immense sadness that we had to say goodbye to our sweet Baron on Monday. You can never be prepared, and it did happen very quickly. My son came home after school and found him in great distress. We all met at Dr. Hills in SV, and after x-rays, she determined he had a massive bleed in his heart. At that point, we had to let him go so he wouldn’t suffer anymore, and he died peacefully with us all around him. He has left a huge void in our lives. I want to thank you all for the excellent care you gave him over the years. I always knew he was well cared for and loved when he was there. The greatest gift you gave me, is that I clearly know we did everything we could to prolong his life and allow him to live his life with zest. Saturday, Baron and my husband went on a 3 mile hike in Henry Cowell. He came home wet, muddy, and grinning only like a dog can grin.

With deep gratitude, Ingrid and family

Pacific Veterinary Staff, thank you all for everything you have done for Benson. I am sure he has touched many of your hearts as he does ours. I am happy many of you have seen the happy boy he is. He has come a long way since he came to you. P.S. we appreciate everything you all have done for the Big Boy.

Thanks again! Teresa, Mark & Benson

So, thank you, from the deepest part of our hearts. You guys have the hardest job in the world and you are absolutely appreciated for doing it. We just wanted to say how forever grateful we are for all the care you gave Greenbean when she needed it the most, even though she hated being there! But rest assured, she was always happy to return home and most often than not, more comfortable afterwards with the medicine you provided. Anna, you had a Green exclusive hiss that we had never heard before, but we’re sure it meant she loved you

Erin, Kathy and Green

Although the outcome isn’t very good, I am very glad you took care of Sylvester with such kind and gentle manner and with me too. I have never had or been with a pet when it came to life’s end. I am so very grateful you let me be by his side. He seemed less stressed. Thank you for being so kind and for being well — human. Any vet I have ever gone to have been so stuffy & uncaring. Except the Mt. Doc. Doctor, you and your staff go above and beyond. You all are super.

Thank you, Ina Cobbs

Dear Friends of Orpheus,
Words cannot express the heartfelt relief we feel each time we entered the building filled with warmth, compassion and outstanding devotion you offered our beloved Orpheus. He made the world a better place, and as the cards and phone calls arrive, we know that if it were NOT for you, he would never have brought so much to so many for so long.

Our deepest appreciation, Bonnie, Pear and Orpheus

Dear Dr. Pressel,
I am actually writing this note while Tia is still under your care for her terminal condition. I know that when we get to her last breath I might be unlikely to remember what I wanted to say. Thank you for being such a great advocate for Tia. Not only have you consistently been able to diagnose her issues and help her, you have also consistently and clearly communicated with us so we could make the best decisions for her care. I believe a good vet loves working with and for animals – but perhaps people don’t realize how often a good vet has to work with people well. I consider it “above and beyond” that when Butch didn’t know the details of Tia’s current symptoms you put down the phone and called me separately to find out; or when I couldn’t make a good decision; you suggested you call my husband on his cell directly to get the right answer. I can’t imagine Tia being in better hands, though I bet at times she could

Beth Colyear & Butch

Dear Doctor Akol,
I had been meaning to drop you a note to say thank you so very much for your kindness and care to Shadow. And such a lovely card from you truly touches my heart and I will keep it near. I’ve enjoyed knowing you and trusting in your expertise. My entire experience with you and the staff at Pacific Veterinary has been a positive one.

Thank you again, Doreen

Dearest PVS,
Devilla continues to recover quickly and has her “cute” meow back. Will keep you posted. Thanks 1,000,000.

Shauneen, Devilla & Moto

A huge thanks to everyone at Pacific Veterinary for your excellent care of Niner. It certainly shows that all of you must love or at least truly enjoy your job. These animals are very fortunate to have you looking after them. I felt confident that Niner was getting the best care possible and that he was in safe hands. Receiving multiple updates and knowing that I could call anytime was comforting. Thanks for simply being here, all day, all night, all weekend, and especially all these holidays. I will recommend this facility to everyone.

Sincerely, Kim & Austin Hutchison (Niner’s family)

Everybody at Pacific Vet –
Thank you so much for the nice orchids for Porter and even more for always caring so much and taking such great care of Porter. We had more time with Porter because of your willingness “to do whatever it took: to make him better. Leslie & I owe you something we’ll never be able to repay but we will always be grateful.

Brett & Leslie Eldridge

Dear Dr. Pressel, Dr. Burtch & everyone who helped little Corkie,
Thank you so much for everything you did to try to save our precious little lady. We are so grateful that God sent her to us and gave us the joy of being her mom and dad. She’s the best thing that ever happened to us and we can never truly express how thankful we are to you all.

Jan Hill

Thank you to everyone for being so understanding. Sally is deeply missed. We do not go an hour without looking for her, including Honor. Both of us swear to hearing her pig noises still. Thank you for being so good to our baby girl.

Love, Raquel, Brent, Hailey & Honor Pass

Thank you for taking such good care of Joy and me. Your support, concern and compassion helped me get through the loss of my beautiful girl.

With love, Pam

We are very thankful for the love and attention that you provide for our cats. We greatly appreciate your expertise.

Most sincerely, Edward & Elodri

For all of you who were so kind to Reba during her operation and recovery we wish you peace in this season of wonderland and best wishes for a happy new year.

Dear Pacific Vet Staff,
Thank you so much for all of the care and attention you gave to our Cody over the last few years of her life. Everyone there has always been so helpful, caring and thoughtful. We appreciate all you’ve done in helping to care for Cody and especially the professionalism and empathy you had when we brought Cody in August 1st. that was a horrible day for us, all of you knew it, and your sincerity and sympathy was really appreciated.

Thank you. David and Erin and Cody

Dear Dr. Burtch & Loving Staff,
Our hearts are completely broken at our loss of our beloved Benny. You all have made the last few months humane & possible with your attention to detail, sift responses, warm welcome – nothing was unnoticed as we came and went. Benny was a sweet boy and such a fighter to stay with us, but our memories of your compassion made his leaving easier. Please also thank the lovely staff on the night Benny died.

Much love, Corrine & Rich

To all the wonderful staff at Pacific Vet,
We want to thank each and every one of you for your compassionate care towards tucker in his last years…

To “Dr. Mike” who successfully removed one of Tucker’s kidneys in February 2006… To “Dr. Lillian” who comforted us when Tucker suffered from ‘benign vestibular disorder’… To “Dr. Chris” who with ultimate care and compassion sent Tucker on to his next life… Special thanks to Sarah “The Golden Greeter/Lover” and Nick, who called Tucker handsome on his last day… Much gratitude to the kindness of the desk staff and everyone behind the scenes that all aid in the success of making the “Emergency Hospital” a more comfortable place.  You all excel in what you do and we are truly grateful that there are people like you who care about our pets as much as we do!  Please know that your hard work and dedication is appreciated.  You, as individuals, make all the difference in these difficult situations.

Many, many thanks! Sheryl and Mike Cornelisen, and Tucker too!

Dear Dr. Burtch,
Thank you for the care you gave Lucas. He couldn’t have had better care than what both you and Dr. Gratzek gave him – for that we are truly grateful.  We, also, couldn’t have asked for a better person to have helped us in the end and been present for his last moments, again thank you!

You are right, Lucas was charismatic, demanding, charming, and of course, adorable.  He also loved pancakes and the sunshine.  We have lost an unique dog.  I am grateful to have cared for him in all stages of his life.  He has taught his humans well.

The Putnams – Bill, Tracy and Liam

Dr. Brady,
Thank you. Though it doesn’t seem enough to say. Considering you saved Gus’ life… We will never be able to thank you enough! I thought you might like a couple of photos of Gus, so you could see how well he is doing – thanks to you and your colleagues at Pacific.

Wishing you all the best, Alexa and Joe Home

To the staff at Pacific,
Thank you for your wonderful care and energy that was given to Chance. I wanted to express my gratitude to all who helped us bring him home. He’s doing great and we’re very happy to have him back with us.

Warmly, Jim & Charlie Brown

Dr. Colleen Brady and Staff,
Thanks to you and your staff Zinnie has had an extension on life. This will be her 2nd Christmas since her near death experience. We love you all!

Thank you, Sparky, Kathy, and Zinnie

Dr. Brady,
Thanks for giving us the opportunity to nurse Sam, the family dog, back to health! I appreciate the care and attention you gave Sam and us. You also allowed us to get care at a discounted price. We did not expect that kind of treatment but you will never know how much we needed it.

Thanks again, The Anderson Family

Dear Dr. Brady and Staff,
Thank you so, so much for taking such good care of Maggie! I was so worried but I knew she was in good hands! She is doing great and seems to be back to normal!

Thanks again, Susie Heeter and Maggie

Dear Dr. Brady and the wonderful staff of PVS,
All of you were so caring, compassionate and professional.

Thank you, Ann Wasserman Zelver, and Jojo’s family

Dear Dr. Brady,
Thank you so much for your care and decision making intervention to save Ling-Ling. We are most appreciative; there were so many hurdles and directions to ponder. Gratefully good decisions prevailed. Thank you!

I also want to thank you for your patience, layman explanations, and compassion for an owner’s crisis to comprehend.

Thank you for permitting the extra visiting time with Ling-Ling to do some energy work and bonding time. It was a huge difference for both of us! Thank you again.

With love, Brenda and Ling-Ling

Dr. Colleen Brady & PSCVS Staff,
Thank you so much for the professional care and empathy that you provided to Sundance and us. It was a gift that you and your caring about Sundance meant a great deal. We had comfort knowing that you were giving Sundance the best care he could get.

Thank you, Rosalie and Barry

Dear Dr. Brady and staff,
Thank you for all that you have done to treat and care for out Honey. Today was such a hard day for us, but you all helped us very much.

Love, The Saville Family

Dear Dr. Brady,
Thank you so much for giving Leo the best care he could receive during his illness. He was surrounded by caring and expert people and I just appreciate your compassion and truthfulness very much. It was heart wrenching to lose Leo but I am thankful that you and I were with him during that time. I’m sure he could feel the love.

Sincerely, Terri Ore

Dear Dr. Pressel, Cynthia, and all at Pacific Vets,
I wanted to send this picture of our Holly for your photo books. Dr. Pressel, I wanted to let you know what happened at the end. Within a day of two after we heard the diagnosis, Holly’s abdomen became quite swollen and firm. She pretty quickly lost the use of her back legs – they seemed to be extremely weak, and she would try to drag them and fall over. The night before we made our difficult decision, she was unable to urinate – did not go for 12+ hours, and she was panting continuously – very pale gums.

We agreed she was suffering and we knew she would only get worse. We are heartbroken because we loved her so much. But, wanted you to know how much we appreciated your care & for persevering to reach a diagnosis. As always, you are the best.

Thank you so much, Edna McVey & Scott

Dear Dr. Brady & Staff,
Thank you for the loving care given to my beloved, Gabby. Dr Brady, your attention to compassion is so appreciated.

Sincerely, Karen

This is a happy story, ending with a important message.

It was in the morning when Sheba, who is 20 years young, experienced vomiting just outside the litter box, along with excessive urination and signs of incontinence; she leaked and slightly bloody urine appeared.

The emergency staff was alerted of Sheba’s condition and told to expect us very shortly. They recognized us from a previous emergency room visit and we were blessed again to have Dr. Lillian Good available. Sheba underwent a series of exams including a bladder ultra-sound and a urinalysis. While we sat waiting in the lobby to learn about Sheba’s condition we asked ourselves, “what if we didn’t run her immediately for treatment?” At 20 years of feline age, Sheba is 97 human years and time is crucial when dealing with swift changes in her well-being. The results came back positive for E. Coli bacteria treatable with antibiotics.

We as Guardians must be prepared at “all times” to be diligent and vigilant in observing our companion pet’s behaviors and well being, and changes in their health conditions. We “jumped” on this situation before it spiraled out of control, and literally, “beat down bacterial infection just as it made itself apparent to us” and we did not hesitate to “run her for treatment” at 41st Ave. Pacific Veterinary.

Being able to share this personal experience with you, from a Guardian’s and cat sitter’s perspective may help you and your Little Ones in the future and may you too be blessed with a happy outcome as we experienced.

Ronni & Burt and Sheba West

Dear Pacific Vet Doctors and Staff,
We never knew what caused it, but over the course of a few hours our dog had become so sick and so weak she couldn’t stand. When we arrived at the hospital, your staff greeted us in the parking lot . They gently lifted her onto a gurney, wheeled her into the hospital and immediately took charge to stabilize her. Everyone at the hospital was very professional and so kind. You kept us calm and assured in spite of the critical situation. Our many calls through the night were answered with understanding and patience. By morning, Roxie was much better and we were able to take her home later that day.

We are grateful for the skill and dedication that you provided that night. She’s happy, alert and well because of your efforts. You are a unique and wonderful resource in our community.

Thank you so much for saving our girl. The Tracey Family

Dear Dr. Akol, Dr. Johnson, Nick, Kim and all the Staff at PSCVS,
Thank you so much for helping us take good care of Sasha. You all were, and are, so wonderful to give yourselves through the good and sad times for the best outcomes for our beloved companions. Thanks to you, Sasha had five more months of quality life and we enjoyed and loved her every minute of that time. We truly cherish those memories.

Thank you for the beautiful flowers, card, phone call, and all your kindness, it really helps to lift our spirits. Blessings and best wished to you.

Love, H. & M. Lillis & Sasha xo!

Dear Dr. Akol,
Losing Kelly has been most difficult for me. I have been in complete denial about her passing and have been unable to talk about it with anyone (including John).

Perhaps that will explain why this letter to you has been so long in the writing. First, we really appreciated the loving care Kelly received at your hospital. Your skill and medical knowledge added two plus years to her life, for which we are grateful.

Your staff seem to exude genuine care and embrace the patients (and their human owners) with compassion and love.

Secondly, I want to thank you for the spectacular spring bouquet from Pacific Veterinary Specialists… It was a huge arrangement with large yellow tulips, hyacinth type flowers in hot pink, pale green snowball flowers, many stems of light pink miniature carnations, with 4-5 flowers per stem, and lastly, purple sweet peas. The flowers were very fresh and lasted two weeks. I still had carnations after three weeks. It was very thoughtful of you.

Your staff all signed and wrote a line or two on a sympathy card, and Summer sent a card with a note to cheer us.

I cannot express how really impressed we have been with your service, and would certainly recommend your establishment to our pet owning friends.

Sincerely, R. & J. Lambert

Dear Dr. Akol, Summer and Staff,
Thank you so much for the beautiful bouquet in memory of Calvin. It is a very thoughtful, kind, I think, even an extraordinary gesture, as was your coming to the house to make his final day as peaceful as possible. He was a lucky cat to have such excellent medical care. Despite his advanced years, you gave him every chance for a longer, healthier life.

My heart felt thanks, L. Rody

Dear Dr. Burtch,
Thank you so much for your thorough care of Ali. It is much appreciated. We feel fortunate to know you. You are a top notch vet and a caring person. The deramaxx is working!

Thanks again, Nina, Mike & Ali

To the Staff & Dr. Burtch,

Thank you so much for taking such loving care of my Zipper in his last days. And thank you so much for taking such loving care of me in Zippers final days. You are an amazing compassionate and caring staff and it meant so much to me that you were so kind, competent and caring. I will always remember my experience with Pacific Vet Specialists as bitter sweet.

Thank you all so very much, C. Leone

Dr. Burtch and ICU Staff,
Despite the circumstances of our visit I am especially grateful for your gentle care and thoughtfulness toward Zipper, Chrissy and myself.

Peace and blessings to each of you, A. VanDissen

Dr. Burtch,
Thank you Baker! (for donating the cat blood)
Thank you so much for taking such good care of Karma, Juliette and me! We are all indebted to you for such skill, patience and caring. You are a very special human being and have really made a difference in our lives.

Much Love, Shawn

Dr. Burtch,
I’ve often wondered how different life would have been over the last three years if Benson had been referred to an “ordinary” vet. The extraordinary care and attention you gave to both Benson and I over the last 3 years has meant more that I can put into words. I appreciate the love and support that really was above and beyond what can be expected from your veterinarian. No matter how ridiculous my question or outrageous my description of what was happening, you always listened, considered, and answered. Most of what you said was very comforting and at the very least, all of it gave me a basis for action. Which is all you can ask for when dealing with a Benson – not the easiest patient!

My life has been forever changed by Benson and you had a big part in helping me care for him. I am upside down without him as my every activity was scheduled around his needs, but I am getting better each day. I realize now that it was without question the right time to let him go and give him peace. I appreciate your help with him in the end and I know it was nearly as hard for you as it was for me.

Again, I thank you and wish you all the best, K. Brechel

Dr. Burtch,
Thank you for being so thoughtful. Your complimentary office visit today was so needed and appreciated. Thanks for “being there” and for everything else!

Kitty Hugs, J. Parks McKay Family

Thanks to all of you who treated Ace with such kindness. A special thanks to Dr. Pressel (who had to be a doctor’s doctor), Kim (who supported my “early decision”), and Marika (who answered the phone so kindly all night long).

I can’t find the words to thank you enough,  Dr. E.V. Sharp

Pacific Vet Staff,
Thank you so much for taking such good care of our cat Tigger after she was attacked by a coyote in our yard. She was so lucky and your staff acted so quickly when we brought her in. We think Tigger is going to be fine. She may have a droopy eye and a slant on her head on one side, but she’s still Tigger and spoiled rotten even more now.

Again, we just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
– J. Brown & T. Giovannoni

Pacific Veterinary,
I truly appreciate everything you did for Seamus, especially taking us on such short notice. You fought the good fight, but he was just too sick.

Thank you for all you do for our animals,  M. Czaja

To the Staff at Pacific Veterinary Specialists,
Thank you so much for taking the time to write a personal note to us saying nice things about our Kelly. She really was a truly sweet cat. We appreciate how, collectively, you each played a role in making her 9th life more comfortable.

We are very impressed with how each of you sincerely care about the patients that are in need of your expertise. Keep up the good work! Your comments were comforting.

R & J Lambert

Dear Dr. Burtch & Staff,
We would like to thank you and all the staff at Pacific for the care, kindness and compassion you extended to our family during Korky’s illness and passing. The flowers you sent have helped us cope with a most difficult loss. Thank you very much.

As we remember Korky we will always be reminded of each of you and how much she loved her visits to Pacific and each one of you. All of you added so much to her life. Thank you again for all your support.

All our love, The Steitz Family

Dr. Burtch,
I would like to again comment on how wonderful EVERYONE in your office is. We enjoy our trips up! I don’t think Ted mind being there either. He feels the love!

The Fates

Dear Dr. Pressel,
There is no possible way to thank you enough for giving Maggie her life. She is lying next to me at my desk as I write this note… and I can’t imagine it being any other way. Loving and animal unconditionally as with a human – is a great gift. A tiny puppy come into your arms the first time with the attitude of trust, the wish to please and the you will always be best friends. There is such beauty and innocence in that simple way. It is up to us to learn its lesson. You and your entire staff were wonderful to Maggie and to us. You could do what we could not.

With appreciation and affection, B & S Vinje