What to Expect After Your Pet is Discharged from the Hospital

At the time of discharge from the hospital, you will be given written discharge instructions and medications or special foods as indicated.  The discharge nurse will thoroughly review these instructions with you.  You are encouraged to call anytime if you have any questions after you get home.

Boo Boo Bandaids
Your pet may have a small bandage on his paw when discharged if an iv catheter was in place or a blood draw was done.  This can usually be removed in 30 to 60 minutes.  Please do not leave on for more than one hour.

Changes in routine after a hospitalization
Many pets have learned to like special foods and treats while in the hospital.  A gradual return to a more regular diet can usually be achieved over a few days.

Many pets will not have a bowel movement for several days after hospitalization.  This is usually not a concern unless your pet is straining or not eating.  Please call if you are concerned.