Frequently Asked Questions

This is care provided by a veterinarian with advanced training, including internship, residency, and credentialing through American Veterinary Board testing for certification in a focused area of medicine, (i.e. internal medicine, oncology, surgery, critical care, etc.) This advanced level of care is sought when a patient’s problems advance beyond the usual scope of a general practitioner. Cases requiring specialized medicine are commonly complex by nature and need the expertise of veterinarians specially trained and experienced in these areas.
This is care provided in urgent situations when delay in medical attention could compromise the well-being, or even the very life, of the patient. These situations include trauma, injury, acute onset of serious illness, chronic illness brought to crisis, toxin ingestion, and other life-threatening occurrences that require immediate medical intervention. Emergency veterinarians typically work to provide the most important medical requirements for the most needy patients and to do it as quickly as possible.
Certification by The American Veterinary Board in a particular area of medicine assures that the veterinarian is a specialist. It certifies that the veterinarian has completed at least four years of advanced training beyond their doctorate degree, that they have experience in the development of new techniques and treatments, and have passed rigorous examination by the Board of specialty to ensure their competency in their chosen field of veterinary medicine.
We are pleased to offer comprehensive specialized service in internal medicine, oncology, surgery, radiology, critical care and emergency.
PSCVS is a specialty referral-by-appointment practice, so if your primary care veterinarian feels that your pet may benefit from more advanced diagnostics and the expertise of veterinary specialists, he may refer you here. We are also happy to offer second opinion consultations. You do not need a referral in an emergency situation.
Yes. Your veterinarian has referred you to PSCVS so that your pet may benefit from the specialized medicine that we are able to offer, but the referring veterinarian will remain your pet’s primary doctor. We will work with your veterinarian as a partner in your pet’s health care but will limit our medical service to the conditions for which you were referred here. We do not practice general medicine – “well baby care” – at all; specialty and emergency medicine only.
A consultation appointment takes about an hour and involves a thorough review of your pet’s medical record, a comprehensive physical examination, and a discussion with you regarding your pet’s medical history and possible options for treatment. The doctor may implement a medical therapy or suggest a plan for treatment. Further diagnostics may be recommended. During the consultation, the doctor will attempt to address any of your concerns and answer your questions so that you will be able to make educated and informed decisions about your pet’s health care.