What To Expect When Your Pet Is Hospitalized

Hospitalization and your nursing team

It can be a very stressful experience to be separated from your pet when you feel they need you most. We work hard to minimize this stress as much as possible. Our highly trained nurses use many techniques to ease the stress of hospitalization including soft bedding, quiet voices, lots of treats, and gentle brushing.

Our nurses bond closely with their patients and are excellent advocates for your pet. They are avid proponents of pain relief and are highly trained to recognize subtle signs of pain or nausea and alert the attending veterinarian. Patient comfort plays an important role in helping our animals heal. We use a variety of soft pillows, fleece pads and blankets and silky sheets to help patients sleep. You will often see a nursing assistant snuggled with some of our anxious patients to help comfort them until they relax and are able to rest.

Patient visiting hours

We encourage visiting once a day for most patients. Visiting hours are between 9am and 8pm. Please call the front desk to reserve a visiting time that is convenient for you. Sometimes, the patient care team may ask if you can adjust that time if it conflicts with a scheduled treatment. Visits may take place in a separate room or in the ICU if more appropriate. Most visits last about 15 to 30 minutes. Longer visits may delay optimal treatment. We ask that you do not bring another pet to these visits unless cleared with your attending veterinarian.

Bringing a toy from home

You are welcome to bring any familiar item from home to keep with your pet for comfort. However, we ask that these be small items and easily replaceable. Once an item enters general laundry, we may not be able to get it back for you. Pictures and photographs can be put up near many pets and we encourage your children to write get well cards for their pets.

What will my pet eat in the hospital?

Bringing your pet’s favorite foods may help them regain their appetite while recovering from illness. The nurses will always review the nutritional plan with the doctor before feeding any treats from home. We have a large variety of foods available for our patients. We like to spoil our patients with special “people” foods such as chicken, turkey and other treats.